Activities, attractions in the area

Napfény strand és élményfürdő, (Sunshine beach and spa) Balatonlelle

„For me, Lake Balaton means the Riviera,

I enjoy sunbathing there on the sand.”

Thanks to its sandy beach with a seaside atmosphere and shallow, slowly deepening waters, the Napfény strand és élményfürdő is a favourite holiday destination for families with small children, just a 10-minute walk from Hotel Lelle, on the beachfront of the city center. The spa section includes three pools (adventure pool, swimming pool, children’s pool), a giant wave slide and a sauna house.  Napfény strand (Sunshine beach) has been awarded the five-star flag of the 2021 Blue Wave Flag beach rating.

Szent István Square, pedestrian street, Móló promenade

After a full day at the beach, the perfect way to end the day is a walk through the Mediterranean-style centre of Balatonlelle, Szent István Square and the pedestrian street that connects to it, or along the Móló promenade with an ice cream in the hand, which opens out from the square and is lined with sycamore trees, all the way to the shores of Lake Balaton. From Hotel Lelle you can reach Szent István Square in 10 minutes on foot.

Africa Museum in the Szalay Castle

The Africa collection and trophy exhibition of Count Pongrácz Somssich and István Soltész can be seen at the Szalay Castle in Balatonlelle. You can get a glimpse into the wildlife of the hottest continent and see the instruments, weapons and utensils used in Africa at that time. The trophy collection contains capital (large) trophies, including many, prized hunting trophies. Just a 10-15 minute walk from Hotel Lelle and you’re standing in front of the tympanum of the neoclassical small castle built in 1838.

Kishegyi Kilátó (Kishegyi lookout point) and Parkerdő (park-like forest)

Let’s go on an adventure! Kishegy could be the perfect place for a full-day excursion or hiking, a 300-metre-high hill on the outskirts of Balatonlelle, and the Parkerdő, known as an island of tranquillity, which is cool even on hot summer days. From the twenty square metre spectator terrace you can admire Lake Balaton from a bird’s eye view, from Badacsony to Tihany. In addition to the panoramic terrace, there is a modern playground, a barbeque and fireplace, bicycle storage and benches as well.

Ruin church in Balatonlelle-Rádpuszta from the era of the Árpád-dynasty

A 10-minute drive from Hotel Lelle, you can reach the excavated ruins of a 13th-century, late-Romanesque church with its 8-10 metre-high walls. Being one of the most beautiful monuments of Hungary, the ruined church often hosts atmospheric musical performances.

Spherical Lookout “Gömbkilátó” – Balatonboglár

Located at the highest point of Várdomb, 165 metres above the sea level, in the heart of neighbouring Balatonboglár the Xantus János Gömbkilátó (János Xantus Spherical Lookout) has become an iconic symbol of the southern shore of Lake Balaton and a favourite destination for excursions. The Gömbkilató, also known as the „Hungarian Atomium”, offers visitors an impressive full panorama.

The musical section of the road 67

If heavy rains come down and you want to go… don’t go far. From our hotel, it takes just over half an hour by car to reach Hungary’s first musical road. Driving towards Kaposvár, on the section of the road 67 between Mernye and Mernyeszentmiklós, you can hear the melody of the song “ road 67″ by the Hungarian band named Republic.